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7 Ways to Save Money on Window Cleaning Services

7 Ways to Save Money on Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaners offer a much-needed service to keep your house and office looking clean and tidy. But, with such an expensive service, it’s important to know how you can save money on this expense. Here are 7 tips for saving money on window cleaning services:

  1. Get a Larger Group Discount

Use Groupon and LivingSocial to your advantage! You can sign up for deals from window cleaning services that offer great discounts for larger groups.

  1. Use Online Coupons

Try online coupon codes and promo codes to save even more during sign-up! This makes your first visit to the window cleaning company an affordable one, and will help out tremendously with getting a good first impression of the business.

  1. Ask About the Cost

If you talk to them about the price of their services, they may be able to give you a better deal depending on how big your household is and what your expectations are for how clean you want your windows to be.

Window Cleaning Services
Window Cleaning Services
  1. Get Multiple Quotes

Remember that getting multiple quotes is important! You never know if the first one’s the best deal, so you may as well speak to several different companies. It may also help if you look for reviews of these companies online beforehand.

  1. Pick up an Angle

A lot of people assume that they’re going to have to pay extra for this service, but this is not always true! If it’s possible, try to explain to them that you want them to clean the bottom half of your windows so you can have the top half done once every few months. 

  1. Look for Deals During Busy Seasons

Finally, try looking for deals during busy seasons like spring and summer, when most people want their house windows cleaned anyway. This makes a great deal even better, and you don’t have to worry about your windows getting clean in the meantime!