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Window Cleaning.

We use state-of-the-art equipment coupled with thoroughly trained technicians with a critical eye to detail to accomplish it.  High Five Window Cleaning has the equipment and experienced crews to do complete exterior cleaning for office buildings, commercial buildings, schools, entire shopping centers, and medical complexes, hotels, and airports too and we have experience with every one of them. Our services include window cleaning, both exterior and interior, pressure washing, and commercial grade gutter cleaning and polishing. Our experience includes dozens and dozens of buildings cleaned annually.


  • Office & Medical Parks
  • Shopping Centers and Retail Storefronts
  • Restaurants
  • Multi Location Chains
  • Car Dealerships
Window Cleaning Kit
Choose the Right Company

Here are some things to look for, and to ask for when choosing a window cleaning company:

  1. Will they open each window and clean your sills and tracks? Most window washers never open the windows.
  2. Do they actually scrub your screens instead of just wiping them off? It makes no sense to have clean glass and dirty screens.
  3. Do they look professional and are they in company uniforms? If they’re not willing to invest in looking professional, then they’re in this for the short term.
  4. Ask for plenty of references along with phone numbers. A reputable window washing company should be glad to provide them to you.
  5. Are they insured and bonded, and do they carry workers’ compensation? Things happen. You need to be fully protected in case of unforeseen situations.
  6. Do they use poles or ladders? You can’t wash a window (in most cases) from a distance using a pole. We own 5 different size ladders including a 60′ waterfed pole, so we’ll be able to access every single window. We can reach it.
  7. Can you trust them in your home? High Five Window Cleaning professional window cleaners are permanent employees who have been through a full background check and are subject to random drug testing. We would never allow someone to come to your home that we would not be comfortable servicing in our own home. We do everything possible to ensure your security and confidence in our employees.
Our Window Cleaning Price

How do we price your windows:


High Five Window Cleaning services are competitively priced and our estimates are calculated by the pane for our window washing service. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies. No surprises.


We truly believe in providing an excellent service at a fair price. Sure you can find window washers out there willing to clean your windows at cut-rate, cheap prices. There are a lot of part-timers in this business, so be careful because after all, you generally get what you pay for.


It’s best to give us a call for a written estimate, so you’ll know exactly what it would cost to clean the windows at your home, but we’ve outlined some general pricing information below.


The very first time you employ our window washing team, it is strongly recommended that you have your windows professionally cleaned both inside and out, however, if you prefer, we will do just the outside with or without the screens. We try to accommodate each and every single person with the ultimate goal of gaining another satisfied customer.

Our Method

How we wash your windows:

  • We use only the best tools and solutions to give you the cleanest windows possible.
  • We begin by scrubbing your windows with a soft ‘wand’ wet with our cleaning solution. Our solution leaves no haze and is safe for window tinting.
  • Next, we use a channeled rubber squeegee attached to a handle and work our magic, removing all the dirt and solution.
  • Then, we towel dry the frames followed by detailing the glass with a separate micro fiber towel.
  • When necessary, we use a glass specific scraper on the wet glass to remove paint, tape, or other debris.
  • When finished, we get your approval so you can sit back and enjoy your sparkling clean windows.
Low, Mid, High Rise

One of the most difficult parts of a building to clean is the window, especially high windows, and businesses seem to understand this. The region only has a handful of companies offering this service whether, low, mid, or high rise. Window cleaning service is delicate work that requires the customer to find only the best service providers. High rise windows are tricky in that it is never easy to get up there because of the heights involved. A professional knows how to navigate these heights with skill, and is therefore the most appropriate person to take on such an assignment. In addition to that, specialist cleaners have protective gear and highly sophisticated equipment and come with experience.


Why should you choose our high rise window cleaning service?

  • Experienced and have all the latest know-how
  • Have the necessary certifications
  • Select the best window cleaners in the profession
  • Comply with very tough high quality control systems and employ standard safety procedures
  • Offer our clients progress reports and are in constant touch with them
Glass Restoration

Glass restoration and do you need it:


Does your sprinkler system spray your glass? Do you see scratches on your windows when the sun passes over? Glass scratches and hard water stains are numerous and can occur at any point during the life of a window. The use of high quality industrial grade cleaning agents and professional know how can save you 40% to 60% over the cost of glass replacement, while maintaining the structural integrity of the surrounding window frames and sills. High Five Window Cleaning can help eliminate or reduce the appearance of:

  • sprinkler spots
  • hard water spots
  • stains & graffiti
  • mineral & calcium deposits
  • building runoff
  • pollution

We guarantee flawless window restoration, free of scratches, haziness or deposits at a fraction of the replacement cost.


None of our competitors offer a guarantee this strong. In fact, they don’t even offer one. If you find any marks on the glass caused by the rain, we will come back. Simple as that.

Your windows are guaranteed to look great in any kind of weather. Whether it’s 90 degrees and sunny or it rains during or after your window cleaning service is completed, you can rest assured that your windows will look great! If for any reason you are not pleased, let us know and we will make it right. Please contact us within 2 days of your window cleaning service if your windows get dirty because of the rain, so that we can promptly address your concern. We feel as comfortable with this as any other guarantee. Why? We’ve never once been called back because rain ruined our work! Every time we’ve followed up with customers they were amazed how clean their windows stayed, even after it rained!

The Benefits of Having a Pressure Washer Window Cleaner

Pressure Washing.

How will your customers or residents view your property? A clean, well maintained exterior is vital to making sure your customers or residents first impressions are good ones! Customers and residents will feel safer in an environment that is inviting and clean.


Keeping your business or property looking its best is one of the most important things that you can do. When it comes to commercial pressure washing service, you can count on High Five Window Cleaning to get the job done right. Eradicate mildew and maintain looks and safety with our commercial pressure washing services.


Our commercial pressure washing services include:

  • Parking lots
  • All Exterior Washing
  • Special Projects
  • Clean sidewalks
  • Drive thru area
  • Dumpster area
  • Patio area
  • Awning cleaning
  • Awning cleaning
  • Sidewalk Front
  • Dumpster area
  • Building exterior
  • Parking lots
  • Special Projects
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Concrete & Oil Stains
Business Complex
  • Building exterior
  • Sidewalk Front
  • Concrete areas
  • Awning cleaning
  • Parking garage cleaning
  • Graffiti removal
  • Fences/decks
  • Regular Maintenance
Liability Protection
Depending on what kind of business you run, your building’s exterior could contain hazards for customers and employees. For instance, an automobile repair shop might have a slippery pool of engine fluids where customers could easily fall and hurt themselves. Even if you’re not the owner of a mechanical company, most businesses have a greasy, slippery dumpster zone. Failing to clean up this kind of area is like asking for a lawsuit. It’s only a matter of time before an employee or customer slips and falls and calls a lawyer. Pressure washing for commercial buildings can remove these dangerous areas by washing away any slippery substances. Protect yourself from lawsuits by regularly contracting with our pressure washing services to keep your building’s exterior in tip-top shape.
Our Pressure Washing Price

High Five Window Cleaning services are competitively priced and our estimates are calculated by the square footage of said surface or by the linear foot depending on what is quoted. The number is multiplied by ‘x’ cents to determine price. The ‘x’ cents is variable as it also depends on the complexity and dirt of surface to be cleaned. We routinely check the marketplace to be sure our prices are lower or at most, right in line with reputable insured competing companies.

Commercial Maintenance Contracts
Many of our customers especially restaurants we service have our technicians come by monthly to pressure wash their patios, and less frequent but still on a schedule would include dumpster pads and sidewalks. Let us customize the perfect commercial pressure washing cleaning maintenance contract for you.
Construction Clean Up

We can help you keep your construction and post construction area clean with our high powered pressure washing.


High Five Window Cleaning specializes in tenant space preparation and concrete cleaning.

Holiday Lighting.

Are you looking for a Christmas or Holiday light installation professional? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let us turn your commercial property into a holiday wonderland this holiday season.


Making your property look great for the holiday season can take a lot of effort. While many people have the time and opportunity to take care of this all by themselves, many people are relying on the service of professional holiday light installation services. The reasons for this vary but for most people they simply want to be able to spend their free time doing something else. It is with good reason, proper Christmas light setup requires researching the best lights, finding the best deals, doing all the leg work to purchase the lights and accessories and that’s only half the work they still need to actually get up on a ladder and do the installation.


We are GA best certified Holiday lighting installers, completely licensed, insured, bonded professionals to safely install your Christmas & holiday lighting.

Reasons To Light Up Your Business Location

It has been proven over the years that businesses that are decked out in professionally installed, attractive holiday lighting and displays receive back a huge return on their investment.
Here are some great reasons to light up and decorate your business location:

  • Greatly encourages customers’ holiday shopping mood
  • Makes you stand out from competition
  • Substantial increase in foot traffic
  • Lifts the spirits of employees, which creates a better shopping environment

Put your customers and employees in a more festive mood. Let us help you make this the most enjoyable holiday season it can be. We offer a large variety of options for business looking to accentuate their property with spectacular festive decor. For exterior lighting we offer roof line, windows, large facades, trees, shrubs, entrances and more.


Certified Safety Installers

Our service experts are trained, experienced, and knowledgeable lighting installers and are who perform the installation and removal of holiday lighting on your home or commercial property. We can handle any size commercial or residential job. Our Christmas and Holiday light installers receive extensive skill-sets and annual industry updates.


Free Service Calls
Unlike most, we guarantee to be at your home within 72 hours to address any concerns for the duration the decorations are on your home or commercial property. Meaning we provide you with continued maintenance throughout the holiday season. If you should ever discover that lights have burned out or are not working properly, give us a call. We’ll happily come out to replace lights or make adjustments. Maintenance service is included with each program at no additional charge.


Take Down, Storage Included
Just because the holiday season comes to an end, doesn’t mean our service does! After the holiday and at your convenience we carefully take down the decorations, properly pack them away for you, and store them in our climate controlled warehouse. This will leave your home or commercial property clutter free. We don’t want you to do a thing except relax.


Commercial Grade Products
Only exterior commercial grade electrical materials are used that will ensure a safe, beautiful, and reliable display. UL rated extension cords, adapters, and dual battery backup timers. Costly electricians are not needed.


Award Winning Design
Starts with a prompt, courteous, professional initial visit offering a free estimate and design consultation. We will be happy to discuss your ideas and can provide additional ideas. We will give you an exact price of what it will cost to decorate your home or commercial property.


Guaranteed On-Time Service
Our Installation team will arrive on time, ready to work and will complete your holiday project without interruption until finished. Depending on the size of the project, installation could run into a couple days.


Detailed Written Drawing
A detailed drawing labeling all aspects of your design will be created for your home or business.

Amazing Unique Products
An array of high quality decorative products including LED Lights, Pre-Lit Decorated Wreaths and Garland, and Unique Outdoor Décor are available.


Year Around Service
Our staff is available 12 months out of the year for any of your Holiday Lighting needs.

Things to Know
  • Our LED Lights have a 100,000 Hour Life Span & Reduce Energy Consumption by 90%.
  • Our Service Experts will transform your shopping center, strip mall, city block, hotel, or other commercial facility into a warm, festive and welcoming holiday atmosphere. We will be happy to provide you with a W-9 as well as any insurance certificates that you may require.
  • They Produce Almost No Heat, making them Safe & Energy Efficient
  • September Install Schedule Dates qualify for a $50 early bird discount.

How does the service process work?
Our service experts create a lighting design, safely and efficiently install the lighting, maintain them, remove them at the end of the season, and store them until the next year.


How much does it cost to install the lights?
At High Five Window Cleaning you are paying for affordable, yet reliable World Class Service. Every project is different depending on the size of the house or commercial property. Every design is unique, and all our estimates are provided free with no-obligation. You will not be shocked by the price, but you do get what you pay for.


Do you accept credit cards, cash or check?
Yes, we accept all of the above including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment is made up-front at installation.


Where are your service areas?
We service the DC/MD/VA areas.


I have my own lights, can you install them for me?
No, we only use and install our own sourced commercial quality lights for safety reasons and the uniqueness of our designs. However, if you have a special request you wish to incorporate in your design plan, please let us know.


Do I own the lights you install?
The advantage of hiring High Five Window Cleaning for your holiday decorating needs is we supply the lights which means you are protected by our “Perfect Until The Day Before Christmas Eve Guarantee”. We inventory and can repair any lights we supply. Unfortunately with store bought lights they are normally lower quality, and do not have modular parts that can be removed and repaired. We cannot warranty or offer our workmanship guarantee on anything that we do not supply.


Can I store the lights?
No, High Five Window Cleaning maintains and safely stores all materials offsite to ensure materials are always in pristine condition.


When does your install season begin?
We install lights year around for any holiday or event. We begin installing lights as early as October 1 for the Christmas season, but we won’t power them up until you say so. We return to plug them in at your discretion. We get extra super busy for the Christmas season, so please plan ahead. We install right up until a few days before Christmas!


How long do I have to wait to get my estimate and lights installed?
It all depends on how busy we are. Christmas comes quick. The earlier in the season you call, the faster we can usually get you an estimate and schedule the install. In most cases, it is within 1 week to get you a detailed estimate.


How long does it take to actually install the holiday lights?
Actual install duration is normally one to two days.


When do you take the holiday lights down?
We begin taking down Christmas lights the during the month of January.

Our Customers.

Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with safe and the most efficient services. We take great pride in our work. Store owners, managers, property managers, national services providers and various companies have trusted us to take care of their properties. We are fast, friendly and very affordable. And every job receives our 100% job satisfaction guarantee. Our locally trained technicians have the right equipment, experience and know-how to take care of your property needs High Five Window Cleaning’s Way!

Store Owners & Managers
Whether you are a proud owner of a mom and pop store or the manager of a retail chain, windows are the first thing customers see! Sparkling clean windows not only make a great impression, they show a buyer you care and pay attention to details. On the other hand, dirty windows could make a potential customer walk right on by as he envisions what the interior may look like based on the exterior presentation of your retail store. You need regular window cleaning maintenance to keep your customer’s interested in what’s inside as they walk by or walk in.
Property Managers
You know the importance of appearances. Nowhere is that more true than on the buildings you manage. We are super-skilled in window cleaning and only use the latest and best tools of our trade. No matter the size and complexity of your structure, High Five Window Cleaning can handle it.
National Service Providers
Are you looking for one company to handle area locations you manage or an entire multi-state region? If so, you have found the right company. We know how to do it and we know how to do it well. Currently we offer window cleaning and pressure washing services to large retail chains and restaurants all over the region. Let High Five Window Cleaning estimate your project and save you money.

Guaranteed Estimate in 3 Days.

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