We know you are looking for certain qualities in a company before you hire them.  Among them are reliability, satisfaction, and guarantee.  Our team's mission has always been to offer just that, unparalleled service and exceptional customer service with 100% satisfaction backed by professionalism reminiscent of the good old days! 

We can proudly say that a first-time customer is a lifetime customer. This is one of many things that make us different, separating us from the competition. Here's a couple more...

Working with us you'll get

  • We clean windows all year round
  • Professional: Fully insured, background checked employees.
  • Superior window cleaning
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Windows thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • Frames and seals wiped clean
  • Screens removed and hand scrubbed
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 7 day Rain Guarantee
  • References available from satisfied customers

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High Five FAQs

Can I use Windex on outside windows?

Professionals use squeegees or pure water to clean the glass. I would not recommend Windex due to its chemicals and abrasives which may damage the window.

If you must use something, opt for wiping with a damp cloth preferably using plain water or just using squeegee for outside windows. Anything that leaves a residue is going to be difficult remove when it causes dirt and other substances such as salt to stick much better than they otherwise would if left untreated. That's when window washing becomes tedious, time-consuming, and you're forced into washing windows more frequently than if you simply hired a professional company to do the work for you.  Lastly, hiring someone reduces your risk of injury and increases the over-all safety.