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Comprehensive Overview of Unger Window Cleaning Kits

Comprehensive Overview of Unger Window Cleaning Kit

Unger has been in the business of making window cleaning easier for over four decades, and their products are trusted by professionals and homeowners alike. Unger Global provides products for Glass cleaning, solar panel cleaning, façade cleaning, floor cleaning and general maintenance. Unger also produces a line of Window Washing Kits that make it easy for anyone to get streak-free, sparkling clean windows.

Unger Window Cleaning Kit
Unger Window Cleaning Kit

In this article our focus is on Unger window cleaning kits. Though Unger has a wide range of products, the window cleaning kit is their bestseller. The Unger window cleaning kit are:

  • ErgoTec Set: The ErgoTec set is Unger’s most popular window cleaning kit, It includes a complete glass cleaning gear of the highest caliber in a bag. It contains micro wipe micro fibre Cloth, ErgoTec Scraper, ErgoTec Safety Scraper, UNGER Liquid Samples, Soft Rubber, ErgoTec Safety Scraper, ErgoTec Squeegee Handle and OptiLoc Telescopic pole.


  • Conservatory cleaning kit: The conservatory cleaning kit is designed for effectively cleaning patio roofs, glass extensions, conservatories, and other difficult-to-reach spots. It contains Telescopic Pole, UNGER’s Gel Window Cleaning Soap, micro wipe micro fibre Cloth, star duster Cobweb.


  • ErgoTec Complete Kit 6in1: The ErgoTec 6in1 kit is the most versatile Unger window cleaning kit as it can be used for a variety of tasks. It is most suitable for households, it contains  ErgoTec Power Washer, ErgoTec squeegee with green rubber, 18 L bucket, Unger’s Liquid, ErgoTec Safety Scraper and a micro wipe.


  • Pro Starter Kit 2in1: Anyone who wishes to handle their own glass and window cleaning should get the Pro starter kit, it contains a high-quality washer and a window squeegee. The washer is equipped with integrated water reservoirs for superior water absorption and the squeegee is made of high-quality stainless steel with a rubber coating ensures a secure grip and warm hands.

In conclusion, Unger window cleaning kits offer homeowners and business owners alike an easy way to get streak-free, sparkling clean windows. With a variety of kits to choose from, there is sure to be one that fits your needs.