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How to Clean Your with Car Window Cleaner Like a Pro

How to Clean Car with Car Window Cleaner Like a Pro?

Window washing is a chore that is often overlooked, but it’s important to keep your car windows clean to improve your visibility while driving. In this article, we will show you how to clean your car with car window cleaner like a pro using some simple techniques and supplies.

You Will Need:

Dish soap or car wash solution Spray bottle (optional) Cotton cloths Rags Towel Paper towels Bucket Water Source of running water Steps to Clean the Windows

  1. Prepare your supplies. Put some dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water, if you like, and set it next to the bucket full of clean water. Fill the bucket up with clean water so that it covers at least half of the rags you will be using. You can also use a car wash solution in place of dish soap if you’d like. Make sure you have plenty of cotton cloths available for cleaning both inside and outside your windows.

    Car Window Cleaner
    Car Window Cleaner
  2. Start with the roof. Use either your cotton cloths or towels to wipe down the roof of your car, starting at one corner and working towards another. Make sure you get in between any seams running across the paneling; this is where dirt typically accumulates since it doesn’t get washed during regular use like other areas do.  
  3. Clean the side panels next. Do this by following the same principle as when washing the roof: start from one corner, work outwards using long strokes, then go back over it with a clean section of rag to ensure all dirt is gone before moving on to the next window pane.
  4. Finish off by washing your windows inside and out. This step requires far less water to be used which makes it easier on your rags and towels. Use the same technique described in steps three and four for this last portion of the job, but make sure you are thorough when cleaning your inside windows since they are harder to reach.
  5. Dry off any excess water present on your windows with a towel or rag. Water spots can distort vision while driving so removing them helps improve visibility. When you dry off the glass surface, don’t use paper towels because their rough texture could cause scratches if rubbed too hard against your windows; instead, use some clean cloths or old rags that you don’t mind getting wet again if necessary.