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Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner: 5 Pros and Cons 

Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner: 5 Pros and Cons 

Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner is a great choice for cleaning your windows outside. It comes in a spray bottle, so it’s easy to use, and it cleans dirt and grime quickly and easily. But it also has some drawbacks. Here are five pros and cons of using it.


  1. Easy to use

It comes in a spray bottle, so you don’t have to lug around heavy buckets or squeeze bottles. The ease of use makes window cleaner a great choice when cleaning your windows outside.

  1. Cleans well

You can use it, on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal and plastic, and it will clean them all quickly and thoroughly. 

  1. Protects against future grime

It leaves behind a protective layer that keeps your windows clean longer. You’ll be able to get your windows clean without having to scrub as hard.

Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner
Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner
  1. Streak-free shine

It will leave behind a streak-free shine on your windows, so you don’t have to worry about little streaks of dirt left behind after it dries.

  1. Doesn’t fade paint or wood

It contains no strong chemicals that may fade the paint or trim around your windows, so your window frames and siding will look their best, too.


  1. May burn plants

If you have plants that are near your windows, it’s a good idea to clean them with a different solution or rinse them off immediately after using Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner.

  1. You must rinse immediately

It contains some harsh chemicals, it’s important that you rinse the surface of your windows with water after using Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner. 

  1. Expensive

It is more expensive than most other window cleaners because it contains special ingredients that work outdoors.

  1. It stinks

It has a very strong smell, so you may want to keep your windows closed while cleaning them outside or have something fragrant nearby to help mask the smell. 

  1. It’s not good for cleaning glass

It is safe to use on metal, plastic and other surfaces around your home or office, but you should avoid using it on glass.