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Gutter Cleaning Atlanta GA

Cleaning Gutter in Atlanta GA
Cleaning Gutter in Atlanta GA

Gutter Cleaning Atlanta GA: 4 Signs You Need Gutters Cleaned

Gutters are supposed to be cleaned regularly to do their job properly. Gutters are designed to carry away rainwater from the roof. When they become clogged with debris, gutters can overflow onto your house and property, causing damage to your home and property, as well as posing safety hazards for you and your family members. Here are 4 signs that indicate it’s time for gutter cleaning Atlanta GA:

Cleaning Gutter in Atlanta GA
Cleaning Gutter in Atlanta GA

1) Excessive Leaves or Other Debris: If you see leaves, sticks, twigs, seeds, mildewed moss, or other debris in your gutters for more than a couple of weeks at a time, it’s probably because the water can’t flow freely through them. The longer debris sits in your gutters and sills, the worse the problem becomes. Not only does this cause blockage that leads to overflows onto your roof and foundation, but these accumulations are also breeding grounds for mold and insects.

2) Mold: Like dirt buildup that has been left alone inside of a bathtub for too long without being cleaned out, excessive amounts of dirt and debris leftover in your gutters will sprout fungus after prolonged exposure to moist conditions. Since the gutters are usually mounted on your roof, this fungus can grow in dark and unseen places that pose a serious health hazard when it’s time for gutter cleaning, and when you go up onto your roof yourself to clean them out.

3) Rust: The life span of most gutters is around 20 years. That means somewhere along the line, rust will begin to form inside and outside of them if they aren’t properly taken care of. When there’s too much debris for too long, water that sits in your gutters becomes acidic over time. Eventually, the walls of the gutters become saturated with rust until parts just start falling apart or giving way under pressure from an overload of water flow during a storm.

4) Visible Leaks: The final sign that you need gutter cleaning is when you see visible leaks around your gutters, sills, and foundation. When the water has nowhere to go but inside of your home or onto your property, it causes permanent damage to any wood or stucco work nearby. Many people don’t realize this until they start cleaning out their gutters themselves – only to find broken boards, peeling paint, or cracks in walls that have gotten much worse since their last time checking them over.

Cleaning Debris out of Gutters Alpharetta GA
Cleaning Debris out of Gutters

Tips & Warnings:

– If you aren’t sure whether your gutters need cleaning, the best time to check is after it rains. Check for overflowing water and make a note of how long any accumulated debris remains in them before washing out their walls and sills.

– Keep an eye on the condition of your gutters even between professional cleanings. If they’ve been recently cleaned, look for signs of wear. A combination of rust and dirt buildup that has become heavy enough to sag onto roof shingles or roll-off onto the ground can cause leaks into your home at any time.

– Although there are many ways to clean gutters yourself, such as using a pressure washer, ladder, and wire brush, hiring a professional gutter cleaning company will ensure that your gutters are cleaned more thoroughly so they can work better for longer.

– Make sure you have gutters on your property in the first place. If it hasn’t rained recently, check outside of your home to see if any water is dripping near where your roof meets your foundation or walls, and then follow it back up to where it’s coming from.

Always keep an eye out for these 4 signs. If any of them ring a bell, it’s time to contact professional gutter cleaners who can help you take care of the problem before something serious happens.

Professional Gutter Cleaning
Professional Gutter Cleaning

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